Report to the general public on the results of the project


Nearing the end of the project, the time has come to summarize the results achieved in the last 6 years and to publish them in an understandable form.

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Press trip to the WiseDrava LIFE project sites


Representatives of several media organizations were invited to a joint site visit for 19 March, where the main habitat restorations realized within the framework of the project were presented.

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Field visit with the participation of teachers and students of BME


On a study trip, the habitat restorations realized within the framework of the WiseDrava project and their engineering background for university teachers and students were presented.

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The reconnection of the Heresznye side branch has been completed


The reconnection of the Dráva side branch near Heresznye to the main channel has come to an end: the water flow in the tributary is now continuous and this is expected for a significant part of the year.

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The on-site work for the reconnection of the Heresznye side branch is progressing according to the plans


In the lower section in Croatia, the widening of the riverbed and the formation of its cross-section have been completed, while in the upper section, the clearing of the path from woody vegetation is underway.

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The works for the reconnection of the Heresznye side branch have also begun in the Croatian territory.


As a first step, the removal of trees that have settled in the significantly filled and narrowed side branch began today. Following this, the widening and deepening of the side branch will commence, and the sediment extracted during this process will be returned to the main channel of the Drava, improving its sediment balance.

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The floodplain landscape design game is now ready


As part of the project, a new demonstration tool has been created, which, in a playful manner, illustrates why the protection of natural riverbanks is important.

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Camp on the banks of the Drava in Vízvár


On June 29-30, 17 upper-grade students from the Deák Ferenc Sports School in Barcs participated in our children's camp.

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Joining the Erzsébet Camp in Berzence


We participated in the second day of the traditional annual Erzsébet Camp held at the Kavulák János Elementary School in Berzence.

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Summer camp in Lankóc forest


On June 20-21, we organized a two-day camp in the Lankóc forest, with the participation of 19 students from the Zákányi Zrínyi Miklós Primary School , several of whom were returning campers

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Participatory theater performance in Barcs


The Széchényi Ferenc High School in Barcs hosted the first participatory theater performance along the Drava

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Influencer video in Lankóc forest


We filmed a video in Lankóc forest, showcasing the results achieved by the project in this area.

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Reconnection of the Heresznye sidebranch has started


After extensive preparations, the on-site implementation of the side branch reconnection, necessary due to the riverbed degradation of the Drava, has started.

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We presented the results of the project in Lankóc forest


At a field visit we observed the results of the implemented restoration measures in Lankóc forest.

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The island of calm in Berzence


We held 2 classes about locations of the WiseDrava project, Lankóc-forest and Drava river 2, to students of Kavulák János Elementary School in Berzence

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2023 started with heavy rainfall


Recently there has been a significant amount of rainfall in the Lankóc forest near Gyékényes.

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Demolition of upper and lower Vejti artefacts


At the end of October 2022, demolition of river regulation artefacts in the main branch of Drava near upper and lower Vejti was completed.

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We observed Sava freshwater snails near Vízvár


At the beginning of October, 2022, we conducted another field trip by the Drava river, where we could observe hundreds of Sava freshwater snails.

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The first bat colonoies moved in the artifical nests installed in the Lankóc forest


During the monitoring of bat boxes in June, rangers of DDNPI confirmed that in total 424 bat specimens occupied the artifical nests.

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Field consultation near Heresznye


On the 12th of April 2022, we conducted another field trip with the participation of an external consultant and representatives from DDVÍZIG, DDNPI and WWF.

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WiseDrava Day at the University of Public Service


On the 31st of March, at the University of Public Service, we held a workshop on the future of the Drava river and its side-branches

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Getting in touch with the operator of the Dubrava hydroelectric power plant


The operating method of the Dubrava hydroelectric power plant, located only 15 km from the Hungarian border, have a remarkable influence on the water flow of the Hungarian section of the river.

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Relations with local farmers continued


Consultations between project partners and local stakeholders continued in a face-to-face meeting.

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Educational toolkit has been completed


A gap-filling educational toolkit was made about the past, present and future of our rivers.

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Presentation of the WiseDrava Life project in international forum


The objectives, results and experiences of the WiseDrava Life project were presented in an international conservational conference.

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The Drava exhibition has been renewed


The renewed natural history exhibition of the visitor center in Barcs-Drávaszentes was opened officially. The investment was implemented within the framework of the LIFE project "Wise water management along the Drava in order to preserve river and floodplain habitats".

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Field visits along the Drava are successful


In addition to their main purpose, field trips along the Drava provide additional results.

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Installing information boards by the Drava River


Information boards presenting the natural values of the Drava and the reconstruction works aimed at their preservation are displayed at two locations along the river.

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Monintoring studies are underway in the Lankóc Forest


Studies will be carried out in 2021 to monitor the effects of habitat reconstructions after the baseline surveys.

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Our thematic magazine already arrived to households in the Drava Region


Our thematic Drava magazine reached almost 9000 households.

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Studies mapping the ecosystem services of the project sites have been completed


Ecosystem services of the Lankóci Forest and the Drava River are in the focus of specific studies.

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Improving the background of social events


We prepare social events based on personal presence with easy-to-transport roll ups.

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Press release on the occasion of World Water Day


World Water Day provides an opportunity every year to draw attention to the values of our natural rivers and the importance of responsible water management.

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Animated short film about the project


Even today, we have a huge potential for reviving our rivers and wetlands. In our animated short film, we present the possibilities of this and the objectives of the WISEDRAVA LIFE project.

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Building of water retention artefacts completed


Water retention artefacts were built in Lankóc Forest to improve the water regime of the area and facilitating flood protection.

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The Drava in focus in the latest WWF magazine issued


In the focus of the latest WWF magazine you can read about river Drava and the ongoing WiseDrava LIFE project.

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The first inhabitans of the bat boxes


Installed artificial nests are colonized by bat specimens.

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Black locust plantation replaced by natural tree specimens


The extent of natural forests will be increased by planting oaks in a plot covered by the non-native black locust.

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Artificial nests and bat boxes installed


Artificial nests and bat boxes provides breeding and sleeping places for black stork and various bat species.

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Nature conservational baseline studies completed


Results of baselie studies, compared with the results of future monitoring studies, will quantify the effectiveness of the project’s field activities.

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Information forum for local stakeholders


Water retention artefact were built in Lankóc Forest to improve the water regime of the area and facilitating flood protection.

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Locality of side-branch reconnection selected


A side-branch, located partly in Croatia and Hungary, will be reconnected to the Drava main branch, resulting in a slight deceleration of the river flow in a much wider cross-section

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The water retention model of the Lankóci forest is completed


The water supply of the Lankóci forest would be secured by implementing small-scale artificial water retention objects. The location of these objects (the level of the river bed, hurdles) was determined by the partners on the basis of the relief and water retention model.

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Study tour to the Morava River


Under the LIFE project (LIFE10 NAT/AT/000015) at the downstream regions of the Morava river (alongside the Czech-Hungarian, later Austrian-Slovakian border, and at the Devín Canyon flowing into the river Danube) they mainly concentrated on the restoration of the side branch on the Austrian side.

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The WISEDRAVALIFE project has started!


On July 1, 2018, our LIFE-Nature project, WISEDRAVALIFE (LIFE17NAT/HU/000577), has been officially launched.

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Study tour to the Upper Drava and to the Salzach River


In the WISEDRAVA project we have undertaken to take into consideration all the experience gained during the already completed river restoration works. Our first destination was the Upper Drava and the Salzach River in Austria.

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